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Ziri blossom  in South China Beauty Expo


Ziri blossom in South China Beauty Expo

Ziri blossom on South China Beauty Expo

The First South China Beauty Expo was hosted in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre from July 30th to  August 1st  ,2020. The expo brought more than 800 exhibitors together, include cosmetics, professional beauty and supply chain. Through the Industry Summit,business matching, the speech of international trend, retail experiences and other new programs, this Expo brought new ideas and models to both sellers and buyers,attracted more than 20,000 audience came and had discussion together.

We got many experiences of success business,and realized the shortage of us through this Expo. We were inspired by this Expo to make several projects and will achieve in the near future. Also we showed many of our products and advertise our brand to those well-known enterprises, it paves the way for our future development.

In this Expo,we communicates with tens of intermediates traders and dealers, we have made a successful advertisement by presenting sample gifts. New Eco-Friendly Degrade Concept Nail File attracted the attention of many people, more over, our shine artifact  “7-Step-Nail Buffer” won admiration of people, they left our booth with“It’s too miraculous.”“you must express sample to me after Expo.”  “this product must be good sell”…



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Flowing people before out booth




Our international client




Show out shine artifact-7-step-nail buffer


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Interview with the media

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Our team


The First China South Beauty Expo gathered International Fashion,High-tech,design trend,and the new demands of new generation consumers, revolved around Gen Z,new retail,upgrade consumption,cross-IP and so on; created  special sections for Wisdom beauty makeup new retail, E-Beauty,trend space and creative bran. We took the opportunity in this Expo to expand our business and advance our brand. The quality of product is the core of our company’s culture, we are committed to make the best quality, took all the growing opportunity, we will cooperate sincerely with China South Beauty Expo ,build a mutually advantageous and create a better future together.