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Press-on colorful glitter Nails

Product Name: Press-on colorful glitter Nails

Product No.: FN2005

Size :   Children  size

Material: ABS

Packaging: one glue, one file ,24 pieces nail into pet tray, and then into color box

Process: injection molding / pad printing / spraying / pre-glued / packaging

Quality guarantee period: 1 year

Safety standard: can pass the relevant test of EU / US toy standard

Mobile: 186-0307-6098
Immediate purchase

Sample cycle: 7-10 days

Sample fee: 500-800 yuan / item, depending on the complexity, long-term cooperation can be negotiated

Production cycle: 40-45 days

Order quantity: 5000 boxes /    24 pieces / box

Payment method: 30% in advance and balance before shipment.

Product advantages: water-based gum, non-toxic and environmental protection, convenient loading and unloading, bright color, various styles, preferential price, leading the fashion

How to use:

Step 1: clean up your old nail polish. You need to clean up your old nail polish, even if not much, to paste fake nails. Otherwise, your nails will make it difficult to paste fake nails. They will fall off in a day or two, unless you put this through the necessary stages. If you have worn fake nails, either acrylic or gel, continue and clean them. You can do this using acetone or other methods. Wash your hands after removing makeup with acetone or other nail polish.

Step 2: soak your nails. Before you prepare yourself for a quick manicure, fake nails will keep your nails healthy and make sure they stay as long as possible. Soak in warm water for about five minutes until soft. Dry your hands and nails with a cloth. If you want to add some body wash or hand sanitizer water, but don't soak your hands in oil.

Step 3: trim and polish your nails. Use nail clippers or clippers to trim the nails so that they are even. They're short, but they don't come fast; you want a little edge to give the fake nails a little fuller. Use a nail file to give your nails a good edge.

Step 4: cuticle. When your nail bed is still soaking from, gently push back your cuticle. This way you can make sure you stick fake nails, not your skin. Don't trim your cuticles, just push them back. Your cuticle protects your nail bed from infection and pruning them increases the risk that dirt or bacteria can accumulate there.

Step 5: your nails. Use a cleaning tool to wipe your nails. This will create a slightly rough surface, making it easier for the false nail to adhere to