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Korea sandpaper Professional Nail file

Product name:  Korea sandpaper professional  Nail File
ModelNo.: FL1-034
Size: 178*20*4mm
Material:  Korea Sandpaper+EVA+PS

Package: OPP bag/Master Carton
Technique: Electrostatic sand planting/Overcoating/Cut

Quality guarantee period:3years 
Safety Standard:Can pass relevant tests of EU / US toy standards

Mobile: 186-0307-6098
Immediate purchase

Samples and volume production revelant:

Sample time: 7-10 days

Sample fee: 200-500 yuan / item, depending on the complexity, long-term cooperation can be negotiated

Volutime production: 25-35 days

MOQ: 5000 pcs

Payment method: 30% in advance and balance before shipment.

Product advantages: electrostatic sand planting technology is used to make sandpaper more durable. Grade A environmental protection materials are exported to Europe, Japan and other countries, comparable to the quality of South Korea. For more than ten years, we have been committed to creating high-end quality nail files.

How to use:

Nail file is a kind of Manicure tool. Used for trimming, shaping and polishing real nails, false nails, crystal nails or toenails. Nail files are divided into different models according to particle units. Nail polishing files represent the number of particles per square inch area, that is, the density. How to use nail polishing files? The more particles are, the higher the density is. The larger the model is, the softer the model is. The lower the density is, the smaller the model is, the rougher it is and the stronger the filing performance is.

 Nail files is better than nail clippers in protecting fingernails. According to their own needs, nails can be made into various shapes that they want. The advantage of nail files is not only that they can make nails more beautiful, but also that the nails can be especially bright after being polished by nail buffers , which can match the nail polish oil. With the continuous pursuit of art and beauty, the nail files are becoming more and more popular among those fashion people.